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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Eric and I walked on dirt roads for 20 miles today into Pie Town. We have been waking on dirt roads for the last two days. Its easy walking with no navigational challenges and we can make good time on roads. We covered 20 miles into Pie Town today by 3PM. I usually don't like roads. I never thought I'd say it, but today, I was grateful for the road we were walking on. It made the day easy and, after this long section, I was ready for an easy day.

And as we were walking into Pie Town on this dirt road in the middle of nowhere, we heard a strange sound. Off in the distance, it was a low rumble. It sounded like a car, but we had been walking dirt roads for days and hadn't seen a single car so we were skeptical. Then we saw it, a cloud of dust moving towards us on the highway. It was kind of scary. "What could it be?" we thought. As the dust cloud got closer, a form began to take shape. It was a bird, no a plane, no it was the FedEx van. It was moving fast - probably 70 miles per hour on this tiny dirt road. And, as Nita Larronde (CDT Trail Angel) informed us later, it was carrying my water filter. Even though the van nearly ran us over, my feeling at this moment is "Thank God for FedEx." Hiking in the desert without a water filter is no fun at all.

It strikes me that I have felt grateful for many things over the past few days that I never would have expected - fences, cell phones, stoves, roads, FedEx. Funny. What's the lesson here? Life seems to be teaching me about non-judgment. Everything has its purpose and place. The labels of good and bad are arbitrary. We assign things as good or bad based on whether they bring us pleasure or pain. That seems presumptuous. Who are we to make those judgments? We don't have the big picture. The Universe is no doubt unfolding just as it should according to the Plan of its creator. All we need to do is love what we love. There is no need to assign a 'bad' label to what we don't feel drawn to participate in. Love is all that matters. Why waste time with judgments?

With these thoughts, I walked into Pie Town. What an interesting little town. According to Nita Larronde, resident trail angel, I am presently 50 miles from the nearest McDonalds. Not that there is anything bad about McDonalds, I just don't feel drawn to walk the 50 miles to get there. :o) Nita also tells us that Pie Town (population 100) is located in the largest county in NM. This county has no stop lights and more Elk than people. How fun!

Nita is so amazing. She has opened her house to us. When she found out I preferred raw food, she started breaking out all kinds of nuts and dried and fresh fruit. Nita works at the local cafe here in Pie Town where she bakes guess what?....Pies! That's right, Nita prides herself in her superb pie making abilities. Within 5 minutes of our arrival, Eric was eating one of her special pies with ice cream on top. Every year (Sept 10th this year), the town stops (not that its really moving fast anyway :o) and holds the annual Pie competition. Bakers from around NM come to show off their skills. What a fun event that must be. I'd love to show up and bring one of my own raw apple pies.

namaste, doug

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